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Women's Health

Breast Screening updated 17th August 2020

You will not receive pre-arranged appointments, but you will receive a letter. From this you will need to arrange an appointment as instructed on the letter

More information here on a downloadable pdf file.

Cervical Smears

National guidelines state that routine smears should commence at age 25 and continue at 3-yearly intervals up to the age of 50. After the age of 50, guidelines state that the interval should be 5 years.

Even if you have had your HPV vaccination, you should still be screened.

Please contact the surgery on 01706 605115 to arrange your smear appointment, or to discuss any concerns that you may have about smear testing.

The smear test will be taken by one of our experienced female nurses. If you have ever had a swab taken the test is similar to that. It may be a little uncomfortable but will not hurt and only takes a few minutes.

Screening is the best way to prevent cervical cancer and saves 4500 women each year developing cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is a young woman’s disease, but is easily preventable by attending for regular screening.

If you are 25 and are due your first smear test Jo's Trust is a good webpage for finding out lots of useful information and answering any questions you do not feel comfortable asking at the surgery.

Other Women's Health Issues

Advice on gynaecological problems, family planning including coil removal, breast problems, menopause and any other aspects of women’s health needs. Various appointments – please ask at Reception.


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