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Patient Participation Direct Enhanced Service 2012-2013

This page includes

Practice Survey 2013 (external link opens in new window)


Summary of the comparison between the 2012 and 2013 survey results and report.

The survey questions and responses are detailed in the survey report as link above.

The survey concentrated on the areas where the practice performance was not up to desired standards in order to gauge if in the said areas if more work was needed. It is helpful for you to compare the survey results of 2012 with the same of 2013.

The Patient Reference Group had the opportunity to see the free text comments from patients but we have decided for various reasons not to make these known to the public.

240 people started the survey and 220 completed it.

The Triage System Patients report that they are not well informed about this procedure. Despite improved information on the web site, the knowledge of patients was no different from the 2012 survey. Patients found the system, however, generally good.

Access to Non Urgent Appointments. We took measures to try to improve access to doctors, but the survey has suggested that access was still an area of concern. There has been no improvement.

Reception There has been a general improvement in customer care, but some patients are still finding receptionist experience lacking in the required standard. In this regard we undertook customer care training, but we still need to do more work here.

Web Site. The web site was generally considered to be good. Some disability access was improved by several aspects; the ability to enlarge the text, navigation without mouse, access keys and general advice for the disabled. Only 3 people responded to this question suggesting that our disabled users are a small, but significant number. We added a cookie policy and improved some areas of information.

Most of the difficulties with the web site were because of Emis Access (requests for repeat prescriptions). This is outside the control of the practice and is due to our computer supplier, EMIS. Access issues and password input confusion accounts for some of the problems.

How the practice kept the Patient Reference Group informed over the 2012-2013 of progress

We sent an emails to the Patient Reference Group on 5 occasions throughout the year to inform of progress towards the action plan 2012-2013, to help with the survey design of 2013 or to invite to a meeting.

The Patient Reference Group Meeting 12th March 2013

This was held on 12th March 2013 where the survey results were presented although the group had the opportunity to view the report 1 week previously including free text responses.

The group then discussed areas of concern and with the practice drew up an action plan for 2013.

It was acknowledged that the practice was under strain for most of 2012 to March 2013 due to extensive building work to enlarge and modernise the Health Centre

The Action Plan 2013

The reference group asked about access to medical records. Maureen Bidwell (business manager) advised that there had been discussions with GPs around this and we are going to do a pilot scheme in the very near future.

Appointments will be examined again to see how it can be improved.

Receptionists will continue to have Customer Care Training etc.

The Triage System we will continue to look at ways of informing our patients about this system. Details will be displayed on the waiting room notice board.

Electronic Record Access will be piloted by the practice with Central Lancashire PCT initiated service using ten patients initially, and is expected to be fully implemented and available by 2015 to all patients who want it.

Newsletters We will try to make the hard copy of this more widely available. We will ask the pharmacy if we may leave copies there.

Link to the NHS Web Site We will add a link to the NHS web site from the practice web site.


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