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Advanced Nurse Practitioners

The Role of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Advanced Nurse Practitioners are experienced nurses who have undergone higher level training in a variety of subjects. They see patients on a day to day basis like a GP would and are able to assess/diagnose /treat and refer in accordance with local policy and guidelines. They have a prescribing qualification and are able to prescribe within their own clearly defined remit.

Advanced Nurse practitioners are health promoters that bridge the gap between nurses and GP’s. They often have their own specialist areas and are able to improve access to the surgery. They have both completed a Nurse Practitioner Honours degree and have done extra qualifications in areas such as minor illness/asthma/chronic diseases and sexual health.

Lynda Thompson

Head of the Nursing Team

Becky Langowski full time Advanced Nurse Practitioner

BSc Hons adult nursing 2004, advanced practice MSC, independant/supplementary prescriber.


Our Practice Nurses

Sister Vanessa O'Brien   S.R.N.   Burnley (1980)

Vanessa O'Brien Vanessa manages  chronic disease monitoring. Special interests in asthma, chronic airways disease and coronary heart disease and diabetes.




Marie Lord   Assistant Practitioner

Marie Lord Marie has a foundation degree from the University of Central Lancashire in long term conditions. She works along side the practice nurses in the management of chronic diseases. 






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