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A new EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive) came into effect in May 2011 which directs web site creators to inform their users of the use of cookies. This information is given to go towards our compliance with the directive.

We never use tracking cookies and of course we will never use spyware or keyloggers.

This site uses a limited number of cookies. One cookie operates the accessibility aspect of the site. If it is disabled then if the user wants an enlarged page then he would have to enlarge every page that he arrives at. The cookie sets the enlarge function throughout the site, so needs to be set once only.

The other cookie is used to remember your input in the email form. The details are stored on your computer only and is set to expire after 100 days of non use, or if the user clears cookies manually. Its use saves the user from re-inputing a name and email address, but not freetext nor date of birth.

Some cookies are set by Google Analytics, and are outside our control.

Blocking or deleting Cookies

You can block or delete existing cookies by using your browser options


JavaScript should be enabled to use the accessibility enlarge function. We also use JavaScript for certain other functions such as the news scroller and the main menu function.

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