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Accessibility of Web Site

We adopted accessibility criteria in October 2012. The webmaster would very much appreciate any feedback on this since he has never done it before. Do you have any issues about colour of the fonts, or navigation issues?

We have strived to try to make this web site accessible to the visually impaired by adopting a user ability to enlarge the text in 2 jumps. This has been tested in Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, and Chrome. You must have cookies enabled to make the site bigger over all pages, otherwise you will need to enlarge each page every time you visit it. Our cookie enables enlargement of all pages by just setting one page.

All browsers have alternative methods of accessibility which should work for you if you prefer. See the links below for advice.

Site Navigation

Some visually impaired people prefer to use the key board to navigate, or mouse operation is difficult due to impaired mobility.

There are 2 options for navigation.

  • The site normal menu can be accessed using SHIFT + F12 then use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate to the desired link, then press ENTER.
  • Use the computers ALT KEY on the SITE MAP. See paragraph below.

Using the site map: a link is provided on every page to the SITE MAP, located in the black area at the top of every page.

TAB key is the standard way of moving to each link in a page, and SHIFT TAB (hold shift + tab) causes the link highlights to go backwards. On Arriving at the required link, use the "enter" key. Unfortunately, the way that the links highlight is not very obvious, it is just a faint box.

Due to its structure it is not possible to enlarge the normal site navigation menu.



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