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Patient Participation Direct Enhanced Service 2013-2014

This page includes:-

Practice Surveys December 2013 and March 2014

Survey of December 2013 (external link opens in new window)

Survey of March 2014 (external link opens in new window)

Summary of the comparison between the 2013 and 2014 survey results and report.

The survey questions and responses are detailed in the survey report as links above.

The survey concentrated on the areas where the practice performance was not up to desired standards in order to gauge if in the said areas if more work was needed. It is helpful for you to compare the survey results of 2013 with the same of 2014.

The Patient Reference Group will have the opportunity to see the free text comments from patients but we have decided for various reasons not to make these known to the public. 190 people started the surveys and 173 completed them.

The Triage System There are more patients aware of the triage system now. For the people who have an acute problem and need to be seen or speak to a GP on the same day the Triage System works very well with an average of 84.8% reporting that the speed they were contacted by a clinician was excellent, very good or good. How the problem was addressed an average of 84.7% felt this was excellent, very good or good. Overall an average of 77.15% felt the system to be excellent, very good or good.

Some of the comments or ratings that indicated a dissatisfaction with the Triage System were generally patients who would have liked a routine pre-bookable appointment but had been unsuccessful in accessing this, so had ended up having to use the Triage System route.

Access to Non Urgent Appointments. We took measures to try to improve access to doctors, but the survey has suggested that access was still an area of concern. Some report that there has been no improvement. The Practice has advertised for a new GP recently to increase the number of appointments available. The Practice is currently undertaking an Access programme of work whereby the Manager and a GP attend workshops to try and address any issues around patient access. A data collection exercise was undertaken on the WB 17.2.14 and a subsequent report with recommendations has been produced. The Practice will be attending more workshops and will be discussing the findings of the report with an external expert in this area, in the near future.

Reception There has been a general improvement in customer care, but some patients are still finding the receptionist experience lacking in the required standard. The Reception team are very good and it is felt that if the Access issues previously mentioned could be improved then patients would perceive the Reception team less obstructive and more helpful.

How the practice kept the Patient Reference Group informed over the 2012-2013 of progress

We sent emails to the Patient Reference Group on a number of occasions throughout the year to inform of progress towards the action plan 2013-2014, to help with the survey design of 2013/14 or to invite to a meeting.

The Patient Reference Group Meeting January and March 2014.

In these meetings we discussed the access issues that patients reported that they had experienced for routine pre-bookable appointments. The Practice has advertised for another 8 GP sessions. The Practice agreed to work with the company Primary Care Foundation and the CCG to collect data and investigate where it may be possible to improve access for routine pre-bookable appointments.

The Action Plan 2014

Appointments – the Practice will discuss the findings of the Primary Care Foundation report. The Practice will be attending more workshops on improving GP access, and will be meeting with the Primary Care Foundation to discuss where improvements could be made. The Practice will continue in the recruitment of another 8 GP sessions. Any findings and subsequent changes will be displayed to patients.

Receptionists – the administration team now have weekly meetings that are used for further training and/or to discuss any problems or issues that they have encountered during their working week. These will continue. As discussed above, any improvements that could be made in GP access would help the Receptionists in carrying out their duties.

The Triage System – this has become a valued service for many patients. It will continue in its present form and will be regularly monitored. It is hoped that if access to routine pre-bookable appointments could be in improved the Triage System would be used almost entirely by patients with an acute on the day issue.


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